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Cognitive Science: Finding Books & eBooks

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A note about textbooks: it is not a practice to purchase course textbooks for our collection, but here are some tips to see if we happen to have them.
  1. Check UC Library Search. We may have it or a past edition.
  2. Check Course Reserves to see if your professor has added it for you to access.

UC Library Search

UC Library Search UC Library Search includes all UC Libraries and some of Worldcat

UC Library Search, accessible from the search box on the library's homepage, helps you locate books, film, music, maps, and various other materials at the UC San Diego Library and beyond. It also contains a limited number of online journals and newspaper articles. You may search by keyword, title, and author, and filter your search to what is available online. You can also place an interlibrary loan request through UC Library Search for materials at other UC campuses or libraries worldwide using your Single Sign-On credentials.


Search Tips 

  • Sign in to access full results lists, electronic resources, request items, and save records. To access electronic resources, you must be logged into the VPN.
  • Capitalize the operators AND, OR, NOT when combining key search terms.
  • To request items that the Library doesn't have click the Request button.
  • Click Digitalization to request scans of print book chapters or print articles.


UC Library Search is one part of your complete search.


UC Library Search does not include all the content to which the Library subscribes. To extend your search, try a database. The database you use depends on the topic or subject you have chosen and the type of information you need to access. You may choose among broad subject areas (e.g., biology, art, political science, etc.), as well as interdisciplinary databases or ones that search across multiple disciplines. 

You must also be logged into the VPN to access the information for any database with a blue lock icon. blue locked padlock

A-Z Databases

CogSci Books

There is no one section where all CogSci books are located as they may be found in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics, philosophy and education among others.

Suggestions for Finding Books & eBooks

1. Start with a keyword search in UC Library Search for your topic.

2. If you haven't already, sign in. Then filter results by "resource type".

3. Locate titles of interest and click on their title. View "Details" to see relevant subject headings/tags. You can search these to find similar title. Click "Virtual Browse" to see other related books nearby.



screenshot of "Details" of book record

screenshot of virtual browse option


UC Library Search Tips - Availability

Filtering results by location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To filter results to what is at the UC San Diego, select "UC San Diego Library" under the UC Libraries filter.

Selecting "Geisel Library" from the Libraries filter or "Held by Library" under the Availability filter will filter results to print resources only.

screenshot of UC Library Search results filters

Recommend a Purchase

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Resource unavailable from UC San Diego Library? Borrow it from another library. For free!


If we don't own a particular resource, the Library can borrow it for you from other libraries.  For free. And they will have it sent to the UC San Diego Library location of your choice.

Do a search in UC Library Search. If it is unavailable, you will receive an option to "Request through Interlibrary Loan" in the "How to get it" section.


screenshot of UC Library Search - Interlibrary Loan link

List of Annual Reviews

To see a list of annual reviews for your discipline, use UC Library Search -  "[subject area] -- annual review".

screenshot of UC library search for annual reviews

Key Ebook Collections for Cognitive Science

Search for titles in UC Library Search or search directly at the publishers' websites below. This will allow you to search the full text of their books and (if they publish journals) journal articles.

Note: you may come across titles on some of these sites that are not part of our licensed collections, in which case you can request a copy from another library or request we purchase a copy.


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