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Cognitive Science: Finding Articles & Journals

How to Find Articles

UC Library Search

Using UC Library Search to find articles is a great place to start. However, it does not include all the content to which the Library subscribes. To extend your search, try a database by clicking the "Databases" button underneath the UC Library Search box.

screenshot of UC Library Search and Databases button


Databases by Subject

After you click on the Databases button, you can find a list of all our databases and filter by subject.

screenshot of Databases A-Z webpage

UC Library Search Tips - Signing In

Here are a few tips for using the new UC Library Search:


Search from homepage, then Sign in.

After you enter a search, on the results page, you will see a yellow bar asking you to sign in. Signing in gives you the full options (requesting, etc).

screenshot of UC Library Search results page with request to Sign In

UC Library Search Tips - Availability

Filtering results by location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To filter results to what is at the UC San Diego, select "UC San Diego Library" under the UC Libraries filter.

Selecting "Geisel Library" from the Libraries filter or "Held by Library" under the Availability filter will filter results to print resources only.

screenshot of UC Library Search results filters

Recommended Databases

Good databases to start your search.

Tip: The databases on ProQuest (ERIC, LLBA, MLA, PsycINFO, Socioloical Abstracts) or EbscoHost (Academic Search Complete, PsycINFO) can be searched together by "choosing databases", but you will lose database-specific search fields, such as the age group limiter in PsycINFO. Same with the Web of Science/INSPEC cross search.


Keep up with what is being published in your field by downloading Browzine.

Browzine allows you to browse, organize, read and keep up with your favorite scholarly journals licensed by UC San Diego.  You can use it on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Getting Full Text Articles

 If you don't see either of these icons in a database:

Look for:

Get it at UC


It will automatically search where you can find the full text of an article.

It will either:

  • open up the article automatically, or
  • give a menu of links (either a full page or a side menu) where you can find the article


You then have 3 options:

- Choose any of the links to get the article online, if available
- See if the article is available in print (links out to the library catalog)
- Request via Interlibrary Loan, if we don't have it, free of charge.


When requesting you will need your Library ID number. It begins with "21822" and can be found on the back of your UCSD ID card or within the UCSD app. Enter the 14-digit number without spaces.


Google Scholar and Full Text Access

1. Go to the Google Scholar homepage and click icon of 3 parallel bars in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Choose Settings or thegear icon in the top right of the menu.

3. Select Library Links from the left-side menu.

4. Search for University of California, San Diego - Get It at UC.

5. Click check box next to this option and Save.

When you search for articles, you will now see an extra column with additional links on the right.  Where you see Get it at UC, you may click it to view the Get it at UC menu from which you can get the full text through the library databases. From this menu, choose whichever online option is available.

(Note: If you are not logged into the VPN (see home page of this guide), when you choose an article, you will be asked to log in with your UCSD username and password and/or pay for access. Be sure to log into the VPN first.)

Dissertations and Theses

How to Find Dissertations and Theses

(1) In UC Library Search using "dissertations, academic -- UCSD -- [department or subject area]"

screenshot of search for dissertations in UC Library Search

(2) Use the database Dissertations and Theses (Proquest) to find dissertations at UCSD and other institutions.
(3) Don't see the one you need available, search the title (in quotation marks) in UC Library Search to request it via Interlibrary Loan.

List of Journals

To see a list of all the journals for your discipline, use UC Library Search -  "[subject area] -- Periodicals".

screenshot of journal search


Searching for articles within a journal

Search for the journal title in UC Library Search, click on the resource, then look for "Search inside" on the left side (if available) to easily search for articles with a specific topic within that journal.

List of Annual Reviews

To see a list of annual reviews for your discipline, use UC Library Search -  "[subject area] -- annual review".

screenshot of UC library search for annual reviews


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