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SOC - Sociology: Writing & Citing


Ask your instructor for their citation preference as each may have a particular style they wish you to use.

The Internet guides are helpful but they are an abbreviated version of the printed manuals. Come into the library for any citation that the internet guide does not address.

Citation Managers & Generators

Citation managers allow you to collect and organize citations and then generate bibliographies.


Citation generators are tools in which you type the information regarding the citation (instead of pulling directly from a database or catalog) - they usually have a form to help guide you in what information is needed - and then they format it into the style you need.

When do you cite?

Flow diagram for: When do you cite? Question 1: Did you think of it?  Answer 1: Yes, then do not cite it Answer 2: No, then Question 2. Question 2: Is it common knowledge? Answer 1: Yes, then do not cite it. Answer 2: No, then cite it.