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Linguistics: Zotero


šThere are many options to choose from when you want to manage the articles, books, newspapers, website articles, etc that you will be compiling for a research assignment.
  • Zotero
  • Mendeley
  • EndnoteWeb


šZotero is an open source program, so it is completely free to use.

šFeel free to go to this webpage, scroll down to read the following sections on how you can use Zotero:
  • š  Collect with a Click
  • š  Organize Your Way
  • š  Cite in Style
  • š  Stay in Sync
  • š  Collaborate Freely


šClick this link to Download Zotero.
šWatch this video to help you make sure you download everything you need -

Zotero for Word

The Zotero for Word plugin should be downloaded automatically when you downloaded Zotero.

If you don't see the ZOTERO tab when you open Microsoft Word, try this:

Edit -- Preferences -- Cite -- Word Processors


Using Zotero for Word

Attaching Full Text Articles to Zotero

If you want to attach full text articles in Zotero, right click on the source in your list and "Add Attachment".

Also, if the URL is missing from the citation information in the right sidebar, just click in the blank space next to URL and copy and paste it there.


Citations with Zotero

To get the citation for a source you've put in Zotero,

  1. Select the source(s)
  2. Right-click
  3. Select "Create bibliography from item"
  4. Select your citation style
  5. Choose output mode
  6. Choose output method ("copy to clipboard" is easiest. You can simply paste it into a Word or Google doc.)
  7. Click OK.


If you need any other help with Zotero, email me! :)