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Clinical Essentials: Organize

Keep track of literature and cope with overload


Organize Your Library

The Mendeley reference manager helps you:

  • organize and search your collection of articles
  • generate citations and bibliographies in a few clicks
  • find recommended articles and personalized suggestions
  • sync your articles online for access from other devices

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Find, Select and Organize Literature​

Manage medical literature with this workflow.



Prioritize Readings

There’s more research information than we can keep up with (Fraser & Dunstan, 2010).

So here are tips for prioritizing what to read.


Specificity vs Sensitivity

Focus on specificity (whether papers are on target) and accept lower sensitivity (finding everything relevant).

Keep in mind the principle of diminishing returns when searching for more research (“the gain may not be worth the pain”).
(Pain, 2016)

Time Investment

Read abstracts carefully and then decide whether to read the full paper extensively.

An individual can’t be expected to fully read all available research (Pain, 2016).

Research Design

Focus on studies with the best research design for your type of clinical question.

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Filter search results to relevant parameters.

For example, PubMed has filters for:

  • review and systematic review articles, which evaluate and summarize research studies for an overview
  • core clinical journals

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