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Welcome New Masters of Public Health Students!: Home


Welcome to the Library

This page is intended to help you get started using the library.  At your orientation, I will only have a few minutes to tell you many things.  In order to make you familiar with the library, let me suggest you do a little exploring - on your own or with a new friend.  

Have questions?  Contact your personal librarian, Karen Heskett, at (858) 534-1199 or by email.




Main Desk:  (858) 534-1201


Explore the Library with a buddy (real or imagined works) and learn more about The Library with a fun little LibraryGo game.  Participants will have a chance to will a prize.  Click here to play LibraryGo.

Things to Know

Wong/Avery Library 

We're located on the School of Medicine campus, directly west of the Biomedical Sciences Building.  It offers a graduate study room which is available 24 hours a day as well as smaller group study spaces throughout the library.  These rooms are reservable up to 2 weeks in advance.

Wireless is available throughout the building.  Sign on the guest network or better yet, register for the  "UCSD Protected" network to access all of the library resources.  Details for registering can be found at ACMS Wireless Overview.

Library Cards

Your UCSD photo ID card will be your library card and the barcode on the back is your library card number.  Many of your text books are available electronically through the library.  But if you need something we don't have, with the barcode and your PIN, you can request books from other San Diego libraries (SDSU's collection might be helpful) or even other UC libraries. Additionally, you can also manage your library account online including renewing books or checking items you have through the request (or interlibrary loan) process.

Access from Home

Much of our library collections are now available online - thousands of electronic journals, books, databases, image resources, etc., -- almost everything -- is available from home if you set up your home computer for "remote access." You'll be able to do this when you get your username and password for UCSD e-mail.  Our Off-Campus Access page provides links for setting up either the VPN.  
Troubleshooting Note:  be sure to use the "allthruucsd" connection of the VPN.

Getting Help

Your personal librarian (Karen) is available to help with finding resources for your PBL curriculum work or help you with your research projects.  Even in the dark of night, you are not alone; if you have questions, use our 24/7 Chat service.

The Biomedical Library building


Come find us at the Biomedical Library! We are here next to the Biomedical Sciences building and right across the lawn from the Leichtag building.  On the other side of the building is the new parking structure so, hopefully, parking will be  easy to find.

Lights at the BLB

Help even when the library is closed

Even if the library is closed, there is still a place to get answers.  Our Ask a Librarian service is a 24/7 chat service that our partner librarians help staff when we are off. Who knows, you might just chat with someone from the UK or Egypt. 

Compact shelving

Books & lots of them

Books, books, and more books. What used to take up loads of space now is available through your computer - or laptop - or tablet.  Much of our collection has gone digital making more room for studying.  Check our catalog, Roger, to see if we have what you want - print or online.

The corner of the library at night

How late is the library open?

How late is the Biomedical Library open? Most nights it is open until midnight so you can study until late.  Use the Graduate Study space when you need more study time or need a computer and printer.

Library with the grad study lights on

The grad study lounge

A space all your own - well, a space only for grads!  You have access to this study space 24/7 and is only closed for full campus closure (in December).  Come in to apply for your access card.

Public Health Libguide

How do I know what resources to use for Public Health research topics?

Find links to article databases, resources for gray literature or finding statistics and more at the Public Health online guide.