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Introduction to Creating Posters

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What is a Research Poster?

A poster is a visual communication tool that includes a mix of text (brief) and graphics to represent a research project.  It can be a very effective way to communicate the results of your research without having to deal with a formal speaking presentation.

 "A poster is  ...  an illustrated abstract."

Cornell Center for Materials Research, Cornell University 


"An effective poster is a source of information, a conversation starter, advertisement of your work, and a summary of your project.

George Hess, Kathryn Tosney, Leon Liegel, North Carolina State University 


Why use PowerPoint?  

PowerPoint is not the only program to use, and other programs offer greater features, but what PowerPoint offers makes it a very useful program.  

  • Most people have PowerPoint, so no extra expense.
  • Most people have some familiarity with PowerPoint and it is fairly easy to use.
  • Easy integration with other Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel.


  The tips, tricks, and advice on this sight is adapted from David Newbold's workshop, "Creating Killer Posters in Powerpoint."

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