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PubMed: Getting started with PubMed @ UC San Diego

Where to start with PubMed - the Customized Link

Pubmed is a key database for health & life science topics.  It is a free database for anyone to use which means it is more difficult to directly connect you to our subscribed resources.  Thus, we have a special link to PubMed and once you have it, you can bookmark or favorite it in your browser for easier access.

This customized link adds a new button where you see the publisher's button and adds additional functionality when you use the "Send to Order" option.

Image of UC-eLinks Button

UC E-Links button shows up in the "Abstract" display for each article and right next to the publisher's button. This button links your to several things, depending on what we have for that journal, including full text if we subscribe to the online version, the Roger catalog to see if we have it in print, Request the article from another library when we don't have it, and a form to ask for help.

PubMed's Send to Order button allows you to access the links (if we have online access) for multiple articles at once instead of one by one.  Use the full-text links for the ones that have them or use continue to place a Request for us to get you a copy from another library.

UC San Diego Authors in PubMed

Search for UCSD-authored articles to finde collaborators, mentors, advisors, or experts.

Please specify how you would like to search
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  Majr (MeSH Major Topic): The MeSH concepts that are the main points of the article.

Note: Starting in 2014, the author affiliation field started including information on all authors for an article. Articles prior to that time only listed one author - the corresponding author - so it will not be a complete list.  The Web of Science database offers a more comprehensive author search.

Search form initially developed by Gautam Bahl, MSIII UCSD School of Medicine. Copyright 2004 UC Regents.  Modifications made July 2018.

PubMed Guides & Handouts

PubMed Class Handouts  -- always a good starting point.


Tutorials from the the National Library of Medicine