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Affordable Course Materials and Open Educational Resources (OER) for Faculty: Other Resources

Communities of Practice, Conferences, Meetings, and Webinars on Open Education

Projects include: research priorities, leadership, tenure and promotion, listing and fulfillment in campus stores, and equity blueprint.

Funding for OER and Open Textbooks

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You might be wondering about your rights as a faculty member. How might OER you create or redistribute increase your impact? What copyright concerns should you have? Do OER "count" as publications? Many of these questions are still being explored. Many of these resources help explain why:

OER and Open Access seem to have a lot in common. Check out these resources for more information.

Information Sheets

Note: This comparison chart was developed by Kate Hess from Kirkwood Community College Library's guide on open textbooks

comparison chart of traditional textbook and open educational resources

Note: This graphic was created by the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Copyright considerations chart by the University of Minnesota Libraries