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LATI 180 Latin American Energy Transitions: Open Access Resources

Additional Information

For more resources to get global and country-specific reports and data on climate and weather trends and indicators and energy production, see:

Lat 180: The Latin American Energy Transitions Course Guide

> especially the Open Access Resources page

The Climate Action at UCSD and Beyond Research Guide

> Especially the Open Access Resources page:

The Find Data & Statistics Research Guide

> Especially the Data By Theme > Environment, Climate and Energy page

The Sibling Tab to this one, also listed under Resources By Theme: Development (Economic, Human, Sustainable, etc.)

US and International Government Websites

See also the US Government Resources Page on this Guide

Sustainable Development Reports and Websites

Argues that economic and export diversification is the best response to the challenges posed by climate change in developing countries that depend on commodities. Diversification could be horizontal, which entails venturing into new goods and sectors to reduce dependence on a narrow range of commodities, or vertical, which involves moving the value chain of a commodity up to increase its worth. A successful diversification strategy will likely include a combination of horizontal policies, such as strengthening human capital through investments in education and health, and targeted measures to promote individual sectors.

International Energy Data and Statistics

Country-Specific Resources