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OPTIONAL RESOURCES: If you are a UC San Diego staff, student or faculty member living in San Diego or the state of California, you have some additional access to resources through the public library system, at no additional cost to you, as long as you take the time to acquire a public library card. Highlights are audiobooks, a few business resources we don't get, online popular magazines and e-books, and children's materials. If you are interested in any of these, read on.

Final Thoughts


THESE PUBLIC LIBRARY RESOURCES ARE OPTIONAL - You will do well only using the UC San Diego Library resources, because our collection is tailored to support your classwork and learning.

However, if you find that you want enhancements, such as tons of popular reading or streaming, DIY sources, or kids' materials, you should know that those are strengths of the public libraries, and that there's plenty of easy access to them for you and your family members.

HAVE QUESTIONS? - Adele has library cards to four of the library systems mentioned above, and is enthusiastic about helping people use any and all of the information infrastructure available to them. Just ask! She'll happily tell you about how she set up her AppleTV to stream Kanopy, or the latest audiobook she listened to on Libby while commuting to campus. These public library systems are your regional and state tax dollars at work, so it's great to know about what's available and how to navigate that abundance.

WHAT ABOUT AFTER GRADUATION?One of the regular questions Adele receives from students is 'Do we have access to these library resources after we graduate?' Once your active enrollment is completed, your student online access to UC San Diego Library resources closes. (Same goes for staff and faculty: once you separate from the University, your Active Dirctory (AD) account gets deactivated in about two weeks).

You do still have walk-in access to many resources, as a member of the public. The limiting factor is you must be in the San Diego area to access them on site in the Library, and that they're for your personal, educational use (not-for-profit).

However, learning about public libraries, their types of offerings, and how to access them, is knowledge you can use beyond grad school. This availability illustrated above is not unique to southern California. If you are in North America post-graduation, look for a large urban library near you, or see what state library funding provides to the smaller local systems. There are public libraries in many other locales throughout the world, too, so no matter where you end up, you can check for what's possible in your local setting. You may be pleasantly surprised at what's available to you.