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China Studies at GPS: Citation Generators -- A Short List

Citation generators are tools in which you type the information regarding the citation (instead of pulling directly from a database or catalog) - they usually have a form to help guide you in what information is needed - and then they format it into the style you need. 

For a jump start to a formatted citation:

Caveat: As with any tool like these, is it not guaranteed to be accurate all of the time.  To be certain everything is perfect, consult the offical style manuals. 

UC-eLinks Copy & Paste function

From UC-eLinks

UC-eLinks is available in all of our databases (and Google Scholar if you set up preferences) is the built-in citation tool in UC-eLinks,  Copy & Paste Citation (see screen shot below).   Choose from one of 5 bibliographic styles then copy & paste the text into a document.

From Databases and Google Scholar

Databases and Google Scholar have a tool you can use look for a link or button with Cite

Logos of citation tools

Citation Tools - ZoteroBib & Others

Use one of these tools to create a citation from a DOI, URL, ISBN,  or other unique identifier.  See list of options below.

UC-eLinks - from Any Database

Citation Tools for Any Type of Citation:

If you have the information about an article or book, you can use one of the tools below to put it in the right format.