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Digital Scholarship, Digital Media, Digital Humanities: Campus resources

This guide provides an overview of resources related to digital scholarship and the digital humanities for research and teaching.

Campus resources

Digital scholarship draws from a wide range of disciplinary research and institutional areas of practice. Below is a list of UC San Diego groups, tools, and other resources that may be of interest to digital scholarship and digital humanities practitioners. ​


Digital Humanities Research Group 

Based in the library and funded by the Center for the Humanities, this group discusses issues and explores tools related to the digital humanities. Students, faculty, librarians, IT, staff, and all other campus members are invited to any of our meetings. Email Erin Glass ( for more information. 


Digital Humanities email list and discussion forum (via KNIT) 

To stay up to date on digital humanities events and projects on campus, as well as post information or questions about your own digital humanities projects, join our digital humanities discussion forum on KNIT. Users can choose to receive and send forum messages via email or browse the forum online. To sign up, first log onto KNIT using your Active Directory Credentials. Then navigate to our forum webpage ( and click the button "request membership."


Campus events

Design@Large talk series

Design@Large is a quarterly seminar series hosted by the UC San Diego Design Lab, features distinguished academic and industry speakers within design. The series aims to showcase the ever-evolving, interdisciplinary nature of design in a real-world context. These talks are open and free to the public. 

Also please note digital scholarship events are regularly announced via the DH discussion group (see above). 

Programs of interest

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute 

The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute—which was officially announced on March 1, 2018—is a new academic unit at UC San Diego with a focused mission. To lay the groundwork for the scientific foundations of this emerging discipline, develop new methods and infrastructure, and train students, faculty and industrial partners to use data science in ways that will allow them to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Sixth College

Home to the undergraduate Culture, Art, and Technology program, Sixth College seeks to create student-scholars that are dynamic, cutting-edge, and well-versed in modern technology

Speculative Design Undergraduate Major

The Speculative Design major teaches open-ended creative thinking, debating values, possibilities and outcomes, understanding human contexts and mobilizing interests, and exploring ambiguous problems in an unexpected way. Speculative Design is a 21st century mix of art, science, and emerging technology focused on aesthetic, entrepreneurial and activist intervention.

Design Lab

The UC San Diego Design Lab works on major societal issues, such as large-scale education, automation, healthcare, visualization of complex phenomena and data, social interactions, citizen science, and the ethical issues that are of ever-increasing importance.


Software, Library, and Data Carpentry

Software Carpentry is an international volunteer organization whose mission is to teach researchers basic lab computing skills that result in more productivity and higher reliability. Short, intense workshops are designed to help scientists work more efficiently on their research without being bogged down with the software. Carpentry workshops are regularly offered on campus. For more information, see or email 


SuAVE: Survey Analysis via Visual Exploration

Developed at UC San Diego, SuAVE is a browser based tool that allows for immediate visualization of large data sets. 

KNIT, a Digital Commons

KNIT is a digital commons that allows all UC San Diego members to build WordPress public and private websites, create and join groups, build user profiles, and network with other members. To get started on KNIT, visit and log on with your Active Directory credentials. More information about using KNIT can be found on it's home page. KNIT is also available to San Diego State University, San Diego City College, Mesa College, and Miramar College to help foster collaboration between campuses. 

Additional library resources

Digital Media Lab (DML)

The DML offers free 3D printing, video editing (e.g., Final Cut, iMovie, Camtasia), image manipulation (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects), sound editing (e.g., Adobe Audition, Garageband), media-rich website creation (e.g., Dreamweaver, Flash, Filezilla), and basic productivity (e.g., MS Office, web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Pro). The DML is now offering support for app development, with Unity, Android Studio, and Steam enabled on all Windows workstations. For a sample of DML projects, see this blog series on KNIT. 

Data Services

Data Services helps researchers identify, locate and acquire data in all formats. Our data professionals support researchers and students in all disciplines with packages such as R, Python, Stata, SAS & SPSS.  We can help you clean and prepare your data for analysis.  We also provide instructional support for courses with a data analysis component. 

Scholarly Communications

The Library's Scholarly Communication Services supports researchers and scholars at UC San Diego from all backgrounds, disciplines, and at all career stages in matters relating to scholarly communications.

GIS Services 

This LibGuide provides GIS tutorials, GIS data, books, course-specific GIS guides and other resources for incorporating GIS into your research and teaching.