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Biomedical Apps and Mobile Resources: Utilities & Other Tools

Selected resources for "smart devices" from the Android, Apple, and Blackberry families.

Utilities and other Tools

Evernote is a free app (for basic features or more features with the premium account) to store items for a quick reminder or organized into a notebook of valuable info consisting of text, picture, web pages, etc.  It also syncs with your web account so your notes are viewable via computer. 

It takes advantage of your phone camera to allow you to take photos and add them to Evernote.  Photos with text in them are processed with optical character recognition (OCR) so that you can search for the words in the photo.  There are Evernote apps for iPhone and Android. [FREE and $$]

Scannable by Evernote
Scannable is a free app that pairs with Evernote.  Scan paper into PDF or JPG files or turn a business card into a contact.  It may work best with the premium version of Evernote. [FREE]

EndNote Web Mobile
Sync your desktop EndNote library with Endnote Web Mobile and search your references or browse your folders (limited functionality with this). Mobile enabled website is only for Apple devices. Android users see the typical web page which has all the usual functionality but requires frequent adjustment of the display.  [FREE or $$$]


Remember the Milk
The Remember the Milk app is a multi-featured to-do list app that allows you to sync with the free website of the same name.  The app itself is free but if you want to sync it with your web account then the “Pro” version costs $25/year.  Apps for iPhones, Androids and Blackberries.  [FREE or $$$]


diigo & Power Note
Keep organized and maintain it with these apps.

iPhone app = diigo, an offline browser, that allows you to retrieve and search your diigo bookmarks, and download files for offline browsing (you can't add bookmarks, however). 

Android app = Power Note, which enables you to add text notes, pictures, and text messages to your online diigo library.  [FREE]     


The Instapaper app (cost) that syncs with the free web version and allows you to save newspaper articles, blog posts, and other web content for offline reading later in a format optimized for the small screen.  The site,, is mobile-friendly but the app is just for the iPhone.  [FREE or $$$]

Android users can search for related apps in Market Place to take advantage of Instapaper's ability to read offline.


One place to save those important files you may want to see from more than one place.  Skip the thumb drive and work with the cloud.  This free service lets you save documents, photos, and videos and automatically save and sync them on all your computers, phones and the Dropbox website. Apps are available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.  [FREE]



Study and Learning Tools

3M™ Littmann® SoundBuilder [FREE]

Auscultation skills learning tool with 14 different lessons based on key heart sounds. Includes text, virtual mannequin, 3D cardiac animation and dynamic waveforms.  

Modality Medical Apps [FREE to $$$]

This Epocrates company has a range of flash card apps and study guides from a range of publishers. Free apps include images from the Atlas of Anatomy, a customizable neuroanatomy tool, pregnancy and baby development, and interactive anatomy and medical imaging. 


PEPID Flashcards [FREE]

Three different flashcards sets available. PEPID Medical Abbreviations has medical abbreviations with an alphabetical index. PEPID Anesthesia/Blocks has anesthesia techniques, common injection procedures, and affected anatomy. PEPID HazMat Illustrations has USDOT hazardous materials placards and responses. 


Speed Bones Lite (Quiz) [FREE to $]

Free version of a game that tests your bone knowledge. Includes images that you can magnify to see more closely. Earn points for precision and time, and compare high scoes with your friends.

This company also has games for anatomy, muscles, and angiology but these have a small cost.