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Crystallography: SciFinder and Reaxys

SciFinder and Reaxys

For SciFinder-n, start at the chemical substance record:

  1. From Experimental Properties, select the Structure Related tab for structure properties (crystal structure, x-ray diffraction pattern, etc.) and associated literature references.
  2. From Get References, check the box to limit results to Crystal Structure and run the search to bring up related article and patent references.

You can also search by research topic, either by compound or group of compounds: crystal structure of carbonitrides

‚ÄčIf you haven't used SciFinder or SciFinder-n before at UC San Diego, you'll need to create an account first

For Reaxys, check the Physical Data list in the substance record for your substance for crystal phase, crystal property system, crystal system, and Space Group for information and associated literature references.

You can also use the Query Builder to search on these properties.

  • For inorganic and organometallic compounds, you may need to refer back to the Gmelin Handbooks which, along with Beilstein, were the print predecessors to Reaxys. 
    • Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry - Indexes QD151 .G52
      Located in Geisel 1 East, in the Indexes (after the Journals), There are a lot of volumes, but they're organized by element and there's a set of formula indexes. Older volumes are in German with some English.
    • TYPIX - Reference QD908 .G52 1993
      Standardized data and crystal chemical characterization of inorganic structure types