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Digital Collections at the UC San Diego Library: Search

A guide to digital collections at the UC San Diego Library.


Search by keyword or phrase using the search box on the Digital Collections website.

  • For an exact phrase search, enter words and/or phrases in quotes, e.g. "aerial view".
  • Use "+" before a term to make it required, otherwise results matching only some of your terms may be included.
  • To exclude a word or phrase, put a minus sign (-) before it.
  • Use "OR", "AND", and "NOT" to create complex boolean logic, e.g. camp NOT matthews.
  • Use parentheses in complex expressions.
  • Searching is not case sensitive. For example, searching for "dancers solomon islands" or "DANCERS SOLOMON ISLANDS" will yield the same results.
  • Very common words (a, and, the, do, of, etc.) are ignored in a search.

Refine Your Search

  • Use the Refine your Search box on the left column of the search results page to narrow your search results by repository, collection, creator, format, and topic.
  • Use the Sort by dropdown menu to change the order in which the search results display.
  • If you are not sure what you are looking for, use the Browse by tab at the top of the page to browse by collection, creator, format, and topic.


Digital Collections Website

Screenshot of Digital Collections Homepage

Additional Resources