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International Government Information: British Parliamentary Papers

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The British Parliament is the legislative body of Government in the United Kingdom. It has two chambers: the House of Lords, where members are appointed by past or current governments, and the House of Commons, a democratically elected chamber with elections to it held at least every 5 years. The Parliamentary Papers are the record of Parliamentary deliberations in the form of bills, reports, minutes, committee proceedings, and appropriations. 

The Library's holdings are listed in Roger. Many items are currently housed in off-site storage but are available to request via Roger. Other items may be available at other UC campus libraries and are available for request through Melvyl. This guide provides location information for most items available at UC San Diego or through online databases to which UCSD subscribes.

Many Parliamentary materials are now available online, either for free or in commercial databases. Check these first.

From the British Government

The United Kingdom Parliament has a convenient and up-to-date web site. It describes the workings of Parliament and provides links to texts of documents such as recent debates, reports, the Commons' Weekly Information Bulletin, and some current bills.