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Chinese Literature: E-Books

E-Books in Chinese Language

Ariti E-Books (Taiwan) 华艺中文电子书 (台湾)  

It provides access to Chinese ebooks primarily published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. It covers subjects such as philosophy, religion, natural sciences, applied science, social sciences, history, geography, language and linguistics, and literature and arts.

China Digital Library (Apabi E-books) 中华电子书苑

Chinamaxx Digital Libraries 中文电子书集献

Also known as Chinamaxx Digital Library of Chinese E-Books, and SuperStar Digital Libraries

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易阅通  UCSD purchased books 

Duxiu 读秀

More than 1.4 million full-text books

Currently available -- full-text searches, tables of content, and first 17 pages

Browse and forward purchase suggestions to Xi Chen,