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Materials Science & Engineeirng: Books / Ebooks

Information resources for materials science and engineering researchers.

Materials Science Books @ UCSD

We have an extensive collection of books (online and print) that cover materials science and related disciplines.


You can find UCSD dissertations and theses in Roger, and use Dissertations and Theses to find dissertations at UCSD and other institutions. Most UC dissertations from 1996 to date are available online, others can be requested via Interlibrary Loan.

New Books in Materials Science

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Key Ebook Collections

Key UCSD ebook collections with materials science titles. You can search for titles in Roger or search title/full-text at the publisher websites (books as well as journals if applicable). However, you may also come across titles that are not part of our licensed collections, and at that point you can check the catalog for a print copy, request via interlibrary loan, or suggest we purchase the book.

Catalog Searching Hints

If you don't have an author or title, start with the keyword search.

Searching material* (with the *) will bring back everything with material and materials in the record. But Nano* retrieves thousands of titles, so you'll need to refine your search further.

Searching materials biomaterials is the same as materials and biomaterials, and will retrieve only records with both terms. Searching materials or biomaterials will retrieve with at least one term, giving you a larger set of results.

Note the book's location and availability if it's in print. If it's checked out, use Request to have the book recalled, or search Circuit or Melvyl to request from another library.

If you see >> Go to electronic version in the record, that means we have this as an e-book.