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ORCiD Information for UC San Diego

What is ORCiD Identifier

An ORCID iD is a permanent number that can travel with you throughout your career whether your institutional affiliation changes, your name changes, or you publish and forget to use your middle initial.  

Why Sign Up for an ORCiD iD

An ORCID identifier protects your scholarly identity by making sure you have a space to collect all of your scholarly works – and works better than a Google Scholar profile.  Because ORCID can be updated as you move throughout your career, an ORCID record spans all those moves and lasts longer than just one institutional email address.

ORCID supports many types of “works” from the traditional article to art works or even dance performances to datasets and more.

A growing number of funders and publishers are requiring ORCiDs on applications and submissions.  The next time you submit a manuscript, you may be asked for your ORCID identifier.  Be prepared instead of having “one more thing to do” when you want to publish.

How Can I Sign Up for an ORCID iD

Setting up your ORCID record is very easy and takes less than a minute.  You can create a new account or use a Google or Facebook account. You can also build out your ORCID record using systems you may have already set up – Google Scholar or Researcher ID – or by using existing systems like Scopus’ author ID or CrossRef. Your librarian can help you create a robust and integrated profile. Here's the list of information that is recommended you include on your profile.

Why Do I Need an ORCiD?


ORCID iDs are used by publishers, funders, associations and other organizations to make sure your work is correctly attributed to you, to unambiguously differentiate you from other scholars with the same name, and to streamline workflows such as submitting and reviewing journal articles, applying for funding, and more:

  • Globally unique, permanent identifier that stays with you for life, independent of name or institutional affiliation changes
  • Takes only a few minutes to create
  • You own your ORCID iD, not your employer or publisher.