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Summer 2021

On July 27, the UC San Diego Library will be joining other UCs in adopting UC Library Search, a platform that will permanently replace Roger as the way to find items held at the UC San Diego Library, and Melvyl as the search tool for all 10 UC campus libraries. 

I am actively working on each of my online research guides to make the necessary changes, so you will see some shifts in the coming month. Thank you for your patience.

Specific information about service changes

  • Action required for saved lists and searches, any direct links to content
  • material check outs paused from July 23-27
  • Interlibrary loan paused until July 27


If you have any specific questions, please contact me.

Research Guide Topics

Review this library orientation to gain a base level knowledge for understanding and accessing all our resources and services at the UC San Diego Library.

Full Orientation
Other Useful Services & Resources

Your Librarian

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Tamara Rhodes

Things to Do First

Essential tasks below.

Bookmark the Library website for easy access
Set up off-campus access (VPN) to access licensed content
Connect Google Scholar to the Library's full text, licensed content

(NOTE: Use the VPN to access the full text )

Create a PIN in Roger to access your account

Want bonus content? Are you a graduate student?

Download the Browzine app to keep up with the current research in your field
Create an account for a citation management software.
(Use to manage, store, and organize citations you find.)


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