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Open Access Publishing & Policies: Open Access Publishing Discounts

Licensing Agreements and Policies

 Mapping the Standard-Driven Licensing Agreement - Grand Valley State University Libraries

MIT Libraries Vision (2016, updated 2020):

  • a digital-first library
  • prioritize an open scholarship agenda that accelerates the progress of science, promotes equity and inclusion across disciplines, and reduces the marginalization of scholars and scholarship from disadvantaged communities.
  • Invest in staff, services, and tools to support data-intensive and computational research and learning.
  • Focus our physical collections, services, and spaces on an essential core — a portfolio of exceptional quality and singular relevance to MIT research and teaching, whose value cannot be meaningfully replicated in a digital or online context.
  • Bold leadership in defining a model for research libraries in an unpredictable future.

UCSD Discounts on Article Publication Charges

Article publication discounts are available to UCSD authors for selected publishers.  Most of these are UC-wide, based on institutional subscriptions or memberships, unless otherwise specified. See the UC Publishing Discounts page for more information on how to apply the discount to your accepted article, as well as who and what is covered. Some publishers may restrict the discounts to selected journals rather than their entire list of journals, and/or limit eligibility based on the affiliation of the corresponding author. There may also be additional fees for some Creative Commons (CC) licenses.


Journals Included

OA Discount

Discount Based On


Make your articles OA without paying the APC?

American Association for the Advancement of Science Science Advances 10% (additional 4% discount available for AAAS members) UC subscriptions to AAAS journals, including Science.

Submitting authors from any UC campus are eligible.


American Chemical Society


All ACS journals, except ACS Central Science, ACS Omega, or JACS Au.

ACS​ AuthorChoice:

$250 discount, with additional discounts for ACS members and/or selecting availability after 12 months. 

UC's subscription to the ACS "All Publications Package," plus level of individual author's ACS membership.

Corresponding authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL are eligible..

Yes. Deposit the final accepted manuscript into eScholarship with a 12-month embargo.

BioMed Central

All journals published by BMC


UC membership with BioMed Central.

Corresponding authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL are eligible.  
BMJ Case Reports   100% UCSD subscription to the journal. Create a Fellowship account (free) when on the UCSD network using code 200883. See the User Guide. Yes.  Deposit post peer reviewed manuscript after 6 month embargo and must be released with a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.  Author retains copyright. 
Cambridge University Press All CUP journals that are fully open access or offer an open access option. Starting in 2020: 30% discount + UC Libraries will cover the first $1,000 of the remaining discounted fee. If authors do not have grant funding to pay any remaining amount, the UC Libraries will cover that as well. Transformative agreement between UC and Cambridge University Press

Corresponding authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL are eligible.

How will the payment process work?


Cogitatio Press



UCSD institutional membership

Corresponding authors from UCSD are eligible. 

Yes. All articles are published under a Creative Commons license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY), guaranteeing that authors retain the copyrights of their work and can freely use, reuse and share their articles. Authors may post their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their website) without any embargo period.

Electrochemical Society

All ECS journals in the ECS Digital Library


UC subscription to the ECS journal package, plus an additional fee for ECS Plus.

Any author affiliated from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL is eligible. If the corresponding author isn't from UC, they should forward the acceptance letter to the UC author to claim the article credit.

Select Author Choice Open Access when you submit your paper, and indicate that you come from a subscribing institution.

Because of the article credits, you can always make your articles OA without fees.

Karger All Karger journals 50% off any publication ffes, including the standard APC rate for full OA journals, and the "Author's Choice" fee for hybrid journals. UC's subscription and license agreement with Karger

Corresponding authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL are eligible.

Authors should mention in in their submission cover letters that they are eligible for this discount.

Yes. Accepted final manuscripts can be deposited in eScholarship with 12-month embargo.

National Academy of Sciences

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

About 25% 

UC site license for PNAS

Corresponding authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL are eligible.

Authors should select the OA option on the PNAS billing forms and indicate the reduced APC is due to a site license.

Yes. However, all PNAS articles are freely available within 6 months of publication.

Oxford University Press

Nucleic Acids Research


UC membership with Nucleic Acids Research

UC corresponding authors (except for UCSF) are eligible. Authors may pay APCs and request discounts through the Oxford's Author Services site.  
PeerJ All journals 100% UCSD institutional plan

The Library has deposited funds to cover 36 basic memberships for UCSD authors. The basic (lifetime) membership waives the APC for one article/year. Every co-author will need a membership.

The Royal Society All journals 25% CDL's yearly fee on behalf of the UC Libraries. Paying authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL should indicate they are from a member institution when asked to pay the APC.  
Royal Society of Chemistry All RSC journals, except RSC Advances and Chemical Science. 15% UC subscription to the RSC "Gold" journal package.

Corresponding authors from any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL are eligible.

Authors may submit RSC's OA Application once the article's accepted.


Journal of Biomedical Optics


25% UC institutional subscription to the SPIE Digital Library Any author affiliated with any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL is eligible.   
Springer Nature British Journal of Cancer About 25% For BJC: UC institutional subscription. UC corresponding authors should select the appropriate discounted cost on the payment form.  

Springer Nature

SpringerOpen journals

About 15%

UC membership with BioMed Central and SpringerOpen

UC corresponding authors are eligible. Springer will automatically apply the discount if the manuscript is submitted on the campus computer network, or you can select the institution on the APC agreement page. 

Taylor & Francis T&F Open and Open Select (hybrid) journals

For Open Select: 75% off the prevailing "Open Select" APC fee.

For Open: either the full OA APC, or 75% discount of the prevailing "Open Select" APC, whichever is lower.

Part of UC's license agreement with Taylor & Francis. Any author affiliated with any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL is eligible. Upon acceptance, the author can email with their manuscript ID to request the discount. Yes. Final accepted manuscripts can be deposited into eScholarship. Embargo time depends on the journal.
University of California Press Collabra: Psychology and Elementa 100% UC Press has access to central UC funds to cover the APC charges for UC authors who do not otherwise have access to funding through other sources

Any author affiliated with any UC campus, UCOP, or LBL is eligible. Authors who have access to research funding or an OA publishing fund should use that funding. 

Following acceptance, the corresponding author should notify UC Press that there is an affiliated author who would like to use those funds.


Adapted from CDL's UC Discounts on APCs page.