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Standards & Codes: Standards for COVID-19

COVID-19 Related Standards

IEEE has created a custom search for standards and other IEEE documents relevant to COVID-19. UC San Diego faculty staff, and students only.
ASTM has compiled a list of standards related to PPE.
  • UC San Diego faculty, staff and students should use ASTM Compass to access these standards.
  • Members of the public can register for read-only access through the ASTM Reading Room.
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation - Ventilators, Masks, Gowns and Surgical Drapes, Gloves, Sterilization and Disinfection (many of the links refer to other standards)
OSHA COVID-related standards and guidelines
European Commission - Masks, Protective Clothing, Surgical Drapes, Gloves   

Selected standards from the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - can be accessed from ANSI's Standards Connect website. Registration is required, and you'll need to download the FileOpen plugin to read the standards. (If the files don't open within the browser, open them in the standalone Adobe Acrobat program). This includes IEC 60601 and ISO 80601 (medical electrical equipment).

National Fire Protection Association - Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management; Health Care Facilities, Protective Clothing; Fire Department Infection Control