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Standards & Codes: Requesting Standards

Requesting Standards Via Interlibrary Loan

UC San Diego faculty, staff and students can use our interlibrary loan service (ILL) to request standards not in the library's print or online collection, including the ISO standards.  


  • While a few standards are held by other libraries in print, most standards have to be purchased.
    • If you want to check on a print copy first, try Melvyl (for example: ISO 14644-1 (part 1) and ASCE/SEI/SFPE 29-05). But if we cannot find a copy to borrow, then we will have to purchase it.
  • ILL subsidizes up to $50 for the cost of the standard. Most standards cost more than $50, and are often several hundred dollars each.
    • Before ordering a standard, ILL will contact you to confirm that you agree to pay the difference and method of payment (invoice or budget number).

We will sometimes purchase standards for the Library if there is merit in our having a local copy that will be used in the future. Faculty, staff and students may recommend a purchase of a particular standard for the collection.

Free standards?

Start by searching for your standard on Google. Some organizations make their standards freely available. If it's a government standard (military/DOD, DOE, NASA, etc), try EverySpec.

Purchase Standards

Non-UCSD affiliates can purchase standards, either directly from the organization or through one of these standards suppliers: