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Tests and Measures: Find a test

About finding tests in Databases

Tests are sometimes appended to a journal article, book or dissertation. Each database below includes instructions for finding an appended test.

Find a test - ERIC

Eric database search boxes with typed infoUsing the Advance Search in the ERIC database:

  1. Type "test title" in quotation marks into 1st search box

  2. Type append* in 2nd search box

  3. Type attach* in 3rd search box. 

  4. Select Abstract-AB from both drop-down menus and hit Search button.

  5. Look at journal articles to see if test is appended.


Find a test - PsycINFO

PsycInfo completed search fieldsUsing Advance Search in PsycInfo:

  1. Type 'test title' and word appended within quotation marks,

  2. Select Test and measure-TM from drop-down menu

  3. Click the Search button. 

  4. Look at journal articles and books to see if test is appended.


Find a Test - Dissertations & Theses

completed search fields in ProQuestUsing the Advance Search in the Dissertations & Theses database 

  1. Type 'test title' in 1st search box

  2. Type appendix in 2nd search box,

  3. Select Anywhere from drop-down menus.

  4. Type university of california in 4th search box, 

  5. Select University/Institution - SCH from drop-down menu

  6. Click Search button. 

  7. Look at appendices to see if test is appended.

Attention UC San Diego students, faculty and staff - The search below includes University of California searched as University/Institution - SCH. Although this type of search will give you fewer results, you will have full-text access to the University of California dissertations.