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Known-item Searching

A footnote or reference will direct you to an existing source by providing information that helps you locate that source. These types of searches are called known-item searches.

Parts of the citation used for a known-item search:

  • Author
  • Article title
  • Journal/newspaper title or book title

Example Citation:

Empirical assessment of expertise. Weisss, David J.; Shanteau, James; Human Factors, Vol 45(1), Spr, 2003. pp. 104-116.

Parts of a Citation
Article title Empirical assessment of expertise
Author(s) David J.; Shanteau, James
Journal Title (title of the journal or magazine in which the article appears) Human Factors
Journal volume and issue Volume 45 Issue 1
Date of the article Spring 2003
Page numbers of the article 104-116

Locate a known-item


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Click on the title to see the record details. This will provide you with options for acquiring the full text. *See Getting the Full Text of the Article.