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Introduction: What's included below provides you a spectrum of what's in our collections, along with the link to find the latest/more

Business & Organizational Communication

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Diversity & Inclusion Topics

A quick note here: Diversity in the Workplace is a great starting-point link to use, because that subject heading tends to be a 'catch all" used to tag a wide range of materials. Some of the more specific library terminology used to find resources for/about people who are part of underserved groups still have problematic subject headings. Others also lack adequate coverage by the mainstream publishing industry. Below is a selected list of materials that address the workplace needs and experiences of some groups. It's not exhaustive in scope, but easily clickable and will give you ideas on what's in our collections. If you're interested in finding materials not listed here, try your keyword ideas in the UC Library Search. If you need help, or have ideas for adding more topics to this list (and materials for our collections), let Adele know.

UC San Diego Library's Anti-Racism guide highlights resources and processes that are helpful.

UC San Diego Community Resource Centers guide contains both archived historical material and live links to the current centers' sites.

International Business Resources

Best Sources for International & Non-English Language News

Language Resources

Language Learning

ESL and Business English Materials