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Chemical Prices, Companies, and Industry Information: Home

These are resources to help you find the prices or chemicals and materials, as well as information about related industries.  For more resources on chemistry or chemical engineering, consult those research guides.

Chemical prices can be found in a number of sources, though bulk pricing is harder to find. You may find prices in chemical catalogs, licensed library databases, newspapers, industry resources, government sources, and chemical or engineering trade publications.

Best Bets for:

Trade Magazines (full list)

Databases of Chemical Prices and Suppliers (full list)

  • SciFinder, eMolecules or Google for companies like Sigma-Aldrich 
  • Searching for prices of chemical or materials can be challenging, particularly if you're looking for bulk chemical prices rather than the smaller amounts that are typically quoted in chemical catalogs. While some may include bulk pricing on their websites or through SciFinder, most companies will ask that you contact them directly for a quote.;

Business News (full list)