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Education Statistics: Get Started

About this Guide

This guide includes both print and online resources of educational statistics. It is not a comprehensive list of resources available. Contact the Education Studies Librarian if you need assistance finding statistics or have recommendations for resources to add to this guide.

A few explanations about this guide:

  • Many resources cover both Pre-K, Elementary & Secondary Education and Higher Education; therefore, they are listed in both columns.
  • To find additional statistics on the United States or to compare the United States with other countries, check the International page.
  • Resources unique to California are only listed on the California page. To find additional statistics on California or to compare California with other states, check the States page.
  • Resources unique to San Diego are only listed on the San Diego page. To find additional statistics on San Diego or to compare San Diego with other counties, schools, etc., check the Counties/Metropolitan Areas/Regions and the Schools/Districts pages. ​​