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Project Management: PM Workbooks & Background

Welcome to the UC San Diego Library's materials related to Project Management.



These materials focus on the 'how-to' of all aspects of project management, such as evaluation, metrics, scheduling, and even the interpersonal aspects of managing PM activities. Typical they include exercises and checklists for planning or for projects already underway.

This page offers a sample of what's available. Search UC Library Search to find more. Uncover potentially useful items by keyword searches on the the particular aspect of PM that is most relevant to you, or via the suggested subjects below: 

Performance Standards

Project Management case studies

Project Management - Data Processing

Project Management handbooks

Quality Control

Work Measurement

The CRCnetBase & Knovel Collections

CRCnetBase has 100+ e-book titles related to PM in its Business & Management collection. It is a rich source for how-to publications focused on the various parts of the PM cycle. Below are a few of the recent notables. Our Knovel online collection also contains a concentration of PM-related titles.

Case Studies


Looking for "Cookbooks" that help with learning PM software and provide guides to their features? Try the links below.

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