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Selected links spanning the GPS curriculum.

Some GPS Favorites:

O'Reilly for Higher Education (tech books galore: Python, R, Jupyter, GIS, more)

JSTOR Security Studies | JSTOR Sustainability | SIPRI Yearbooks

TRAC | Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium

Daily articles feed of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post:

Campus site license to Economist magazine:

Council on Foreign Relations

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This guide outlines many research products and sites that are used frequently and successfully across the GPS curriculum. Some of the items highlighted here aid the completion of assignments in core classes, and others come into play for electives and capstones. Revisiting this guide can help you gather proven starting points for research assignments in almost any GPS class.

Begin navigating to resources via the blue theme tabs above. The blue lock images Licensed by UCSDseen next to some research links denote library subscription products. Our subscribed resources should allow you automatic (no login) access when reached from an on-campus computer. All off-campus connections to subscription sites require a valid campus remote access configuration.

Monthly Feature: World Trade Online

New for 2019: World Trade Online

  • Daily News - Exclusive breaking news stories and investigative reporting posted throughout the day;
  • Inside U.S. Trade Electronic Access - Instant online access to the weekly Inside U.S. Trade newsletter with a Friday morning email alerting you to the latest issue;
  • Multi-year archive of back issues - Access all the back issues of Inside U.S. Trade as far back as 1993.
  • Documents - A database library comprising over 100,000 valuable trade-related documents selected by our editors including policy papers, WTO decisions, draft and final regulations, court decisions, legislation and much more;
  • Around the World - News from the USA, the Western Hemisphere, Europe & Africa, Asia & the Pacific as well as all of the major international organizations.
  • News on the WTO - The Doha Round, Dispute Settlement, Trade Council and Goods, Committee Decisions & Notifications, Accession, plus other important news.
  • FTA Central - Free Trade Agreements in Negotiation and FTAs in Effect.
  • Trade News in Focus - Background documents on the major news issues of the day.
  • 'This Week In Trade' - An editorial weekly email report with the most important news of the week.

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