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Preuss School: Topic Development

Selecting and Narrowing a Topic

questioning personHow to Choose

Within the guidelines of the assignment, choose a topic that interests you. This makes it much easier to do the research and writing required for your work. Get inspiration from course readings or areas you want to learn about. 

Keep the scope of your topic manageable. You don't want a topic that is so broad your sources don't relate to each other, but you also don't want a topic that is so narrow you can't find many or any sources at all.Use questions like who, what, when, where and why to narrow and broaden your topic

topic icon Developing a Topic

Spend some time exploring ideas or concepts about your topic. Write down two or three subtopics that are related to your main topic. Continue brainstorming by jotting down related terms, and keywords. This exploration can be used to determine the scope of your research, formulate a research question, narrow or broaden your topic and identify keywords.