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Protests Against Police Brutality (2020): Other Agencies

Helps document the federal government’s response to racial justice protests following the police murder of George Floyd


This page includes:

  • all offices/agencies not otherwise listed on the guide

Statements & actions timeline

May 31

Chairman Pai on local broadcasters covering recent protests & violence (FCC)

National Museum of African American History and Culture releases “Talking About Race” web portal (NMAAHC)

Statement from Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch (Smithsonian)

June 2

Minnesota Advisory Committee to the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights announces public meeting: Policing Practices Statement of Concern (USCCR)

A statement from Ambassador Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr., following federal police assault on Australian journalists while clearing the way for president's walk to St. John's Church (via @USAembassyinOZ)

June 5

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights unanimously urges all law enforcement to follow constitutional policing practices in response to recent demonstrations (USCCR)

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights unanimously condemns the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and calls on the Department of Justice to enforce federal civil rights laws that protect Americans from unconstitutional policing practices (USCCR)

U.S. Postal Inspection Service statement on Oakland, CA package incident (USPIS; in response to seizure of boxes of cloth masks mailed to protestors by Black Lives Matters organizers)

U.S. District Court grants temporary restraining order banning city and county of Denver "from employing chemical weapons or projectiles of any kind against persons engaging in peaceful protests or demonstrations" unless authorized by a supervisor "in response to specific acts of violence or destruction of property" (via

June 6

On the Chinese Communist Party’s obscene propaganda (via Internet Archive) (State)

June 8

Olympic National Park tweet thread acknowledges that "For Black communities & communities of color in general, parks/natural spaces haven't always represented safety & solace" (NPS)

Smithsonian announces "Race, Community and Our Shared Future" initiative (Smithsonian)

June 9

Statement from Deputy Director David Vela regarding race, equity, and the values of the National Park Service (NPS)

EEOC issues resolution mourning the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery (EEOC)

June 10

U.S. Embassy statement on planned peaceful protests (US Embassy, Benin)

June 11

Statement on efforts to collect objects at Lafayette Square (Smithsonian)

Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment releases statement on civil rights demonstrations and the racial divide (FCC)

June 12

U.S. District Court grants temporary restraining order banning city of Seattle "from employing chemical irritants or projectiles of any kind against persons peacefully engaging in protests or demonstrations" (Courts)

June 16

Peaceful protests are a protected American tradition (via Internet Archive) (ShareAmerica)

June 19

U.S. Commission on Civil Right majority supports policing reform measures in the Justice in Policing Act of 2020 (USCCR)

A letter from Superintendent Michael Creasy (NPS)

June 20

On the hypocrisy of UN Human Rights Council (via Internet Archive) (State; see also, Human Rights Council calls on top UN rights official to take action on racist violence)

June 23

Secretary Bernhardt's statement on destruction at Lafayette Square (DOI)

June 24

Investigation concluded in vandalism to Confederate monument at Fort Donelson National Battlefield (NPS)

June 29

America's free press offers diverse views on protests (ShareAmerica)

GAO response to Congressional request to review use of "less-lethal weapons and tactics in response to civil disturbances" (GAO, via NPR)

July 2

Human rights at home: implications for U.S. leadership (CSCE)

July 8

Commissioner Starks announces panel on Black mental health (FCC)

July 13

Commissioner Starks remarks at Black mental health event (FCC)

July 15

Trump administration launches inaugural meeting of the Task Force for Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes (DOI)

July 16

Unalienable rights and the securing of freedom (via Internet Archive) (State)

July 18

National Park Service seeks tips from the public after statue in Antietam National Battlefield vandalized (NPS)

July 20

Charles Laudner named Executive Director of President Trump’s Interagency Task Force for Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes (DOI)

July 23

Federal judge issues temporary restraining order blocking federal law enforcement officers from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers responding to Portland protests (via BuzzFeedNews)

July 24

U.S. District Judge denies Oregon Attorney General's request for a temporary restraining order against certain actions by federal authorities in Portland (via NPR)

July 31

Comm. Starks & Rep. Clarke on tracking at protests & worship locations (FCC)

August 3

Trump Administration Task Force for Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes holds second meeting, highlights progress (DOI)

August 19

Federal officers who cleared protesters from Lafayette Square can stay anonymous for now, a judge ruled (Courts, via BuzzFeed)