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Ebooks @ UCSD: Using ebrary

Locating and using the ebook collections at UCSD.

Downloading from ebrary

Most of the ebrary titles allow for one user at a time, and these cannot be downloaded for offline reading. You can only download titles that that are NOT limited to one user at a time, provided the publisher allows downloading, Some publishers do not. The check-out period is 7 days.

From ebrary: instructions for downloading to your computer or mobile device

ebrary Ebook Specifications

Ebrary support, and
Login or personal account required? Personal Account required to use some features, including downloading, the mobile app, and using the bookshelf features.
Online viewing? Browser-based reader. All major browsers supported.
Can more than one person use the same book? Some books allow for up to three concurrent users, while others allow one user at a time to access.
Browse without "borrowing" the book? Once you view for 10 minutes (or 10 pages), print a page, or copy a page, you have "checked out" the book.
Borrowing period? Until you logout, close the browser, or 15 minutes of inactivity.
Save or print pages as a PDF? Can print/save up to 30% of the book, though some publishers have set more restrictive limits. Use the "Print to PDF" feature. If you cannot select "Current Chapter," enter the page range instead. Then save and/or print the PDF.
Copy text? Can copy up to 15% of the book, text only. No images. Some publishers have set more restrictive limits.
Downloading for offline reading?

If the Roger record does not say "Limited to one user at a time" and the publisher does not prohibit downloading, then you should probably be able to download the book for offline reading. If the record says "Limited to 3 users at a time," the first two copies can be checked out for 7 days.

For all other titles, save pages to a PDF file.

Place a hold on a book in use? You can add yourself to the waiting list for a book that's in use.
Export citations? Yes. Can export to EndNote. EndNote exports can be opened in Zotero.
Create your own 'Bookshelf' of viewed and saved titles? Yes, with the personal account.
Notetaking feature? Yes, with the personal account.
Highlight? Yes, with the personal account.
Bookmark and save links to ebooks? Yes, with the personal account.