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Ebooks: Searching for Ebooks @ UCSD

Using and finding ebooks at UC San Diego

There are two ways to look for ebooks at UC San Diego: search for ebooks in the library catalog (Roger), or search the ebook publishers' websites.
There are some tradeoffs with each, as noted in the table. Use VPN to access the ebooks from off campus.

If you come across a book through a Google or Google Books search, there might not be a link from Google to the ebook (or possibly no ebook at at all). When in doubt, search the title in Roger.

Searching in Roger vs. Publisher Websites

  How to Search Advantages Disadvantages

Search for Ebooks in Roger, the Library Catalog


  • Search the Library Catalog for ebooks by keyword, title or author. Links to the ebooks are in the search results by Go to Electronic Version >>, and in the Get It Online box in the single record view. in the search results orto access the ebook.
  • Along with the ebook publisher or provider, you'll also see use restrictions on the book like Limited to one user at a time. Try again later if refused. 
  • To limit your Roger search to ebooks and other online materials, change the dropdown menu at the top of the search results from All Collections to Electronic Materials and run the search again.
  • Search only the books we have have access to.
  • Search results include our print books as well, unless you limit the search to electronic materials
  • Search across all publishers, including ebook platforms covering multiple publishers, like ProQuest Ebook Central, EBSCO, Knovel, and JSTOR, 
  • You may miss ebooks that aren’t yet in Roger because of time lags in cataloging.
  • Discovery is similar to print books. Keyword searching will check titles, authors, subject headings, and some tables of contents. No full-text searching.

Search for Ebooks on the Publishers' Websites.
For example:

  • Start your search at the publisher website. You should be able to go right to the book as long as it's one we've licensed or purchased. Most websites use an icon to denote this, such as an open lock  or something green like   or .
  • Many of our key ebook publishers are listed on this guide (including publishers by subject).
  • Search the full text of the ebooks, as well as journal articles if we license journals from that publisher.
  • Includes available ebooks that are not yet cataloged in Roger.
  • Flexibility to create more complex and specific searches than you can in Roger.
  • You'll only see ebooks and journals from that one publisher (or publishers, in the case of the aggregator platforms like JSTOR and Knovel), so you have to know which publisher or platform to search. You can also search Google or Google Books, but there may be multiple links to an ebook that may not work for us because we have it on another platform.
  • Full-text searching often retrieves too many results compared with Roger, so you'll have to refine your searches to narrow the results.
  • We may not license every ebook and journal from that publisher. If you come across something we don't have online, check Roger for print or online through another provider, or request via interlibrary loan.