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Ebooks: E-books for Instruction

Using and finding ebooks at UC San Diego

Ebook User Limits

When you use ebooks, remember that in some cases with books on the Ebsco or ProQuest platforms, only one or three person(s) can use that book at a time. Just like with print books, if one person is reading an ebook with simultaneous user limits, another person can't.  If you know that you will need a book to have multiple readers at the same time, please contact your subject librarian.

For example:
The 6th ed 2019 book Health policy and politics : a nurse's guide allows 1 simultaneous user.  The Library can also bump that up to 3 simultaneous users if needed for a UCSD class.

The 2014 book From Sight to Light: The Passage from Ancient to Modern Optics allows 1 simultaneous user.  If needed for a class, we can buy it on the publisher's platform with unlimited users. 
Not all titles can be bought with unlimited simultaneous user access; contact us and we will let you know what is possible.

Accessing Ebooks

When linking to an ebook or to articles or book chapters from publishers/vendors that the library licenses from your class Canvas page, make sure the students know to use UCSD Protected WiFi when on campus or login to Cisco AnyConnect VPN with the setting 2-Step Secured - allthruucsd when off campus. VPN installation info
Most ebook platforms require cookies and launch from the UC Library Search in a new tab.  Change the browser to another (Safari, Firefox, Edge, Chrome) if their browser is not allowing cookies.

Creating Ebook Links

Ebooks are convenient because the student does not have to be in the library to use them, they can be searched by keyword, and the student can print out (or save as pdf) only the pages needed.  (Some popular titles can only be saved as text)

Linking to an ebook is similar to linking to an article. Most ebook links can either go to the book directly, or go to the catalog record that shows the ebook location (good for titles we have on more than 1 platform):

  • URL or DOI for the book. This will be unique to each book.
  • Permalink for the UC Library Search record.

Example: this 2020 University of California Press book Religion in America  by Lisa D. Pearce and Claire C. Gilliland is available on both the DeGruyter and the JSTOR platforms.

Note that recent books may have a JSTOR link on the library record, but it's not activated as we have it on another platform.  Contact us and we'll purchase it if not active yet and get the catalog record adjusted to only show the platform where UCSD students and researchers can access the title online.