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Anti-Racism Guide: Resources for Education and Action

Getting Started: Guides and Learning Communities

To be an ally is to: take on the struggle as your own, stand up, transfer the benefits of your privilege to those who lack it, acknowledge the conversation is not about you, be willing to own your mistakes and de-center yourself, your education is up to you.




Read this: Guide to Allyship. An open source starter guide to help you become a less performative and more effective ally. It is provided as a shareable (open source) resource for you to use, meaning that anyone can contribute.

Learn how to support the creators and contribute resources.

See the Research Guides section on the Anti-Racism Curricula, Syllabi, and Pedagogy: Teach page for resources for students and faculty in higher education. The guides on this page are intended to support actionable allyship.

LEAD Fellows are campus champions who engage and lead crucial conversations around improving organizational learning and campus climate. 

LEAD Fellows support and advance UC San Diego’s Strategic Plan goal of “Cultivating a diverse and inclusive university community that encourages respectful open dialogue, and challenges itself to take bold actions that will ensure learning is accessible and affordable for all.” Fellows receive extensive training to facilitate conversations, provide leadership, and to promote diversity and excellence across campus.

General Readings: useful for those beginning, or continuing to learn - for topical connections, see the Systemic Racism page