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The UC San Diego Library is closed December 23, 2023 - January 2, 2024. Access to online resources remains available.


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The ePaper & How to Get Financial Times Articles

The platform carries current and past years of articles content. What's not on the website are available in our other subscribed databases. Here's where:

  • The ePaper is the digital reproduction of today's print edition newspaper
  • Archived ePaper coverage includes:
    • US & UK editions, 2005-
    • European edition, 2006-
    • Asian edition, 2009-
    • Middle East edition, 2010-
Where else can you get Financial Times content?

You have a few choices now, since our subscription enables access to Financial Times in Factiva and Nexis Uni (as well as via Bloomberg terminals, a package which is limited to access by the Master of Finance Program within the Rady School of Management). Links below.

Which one should you use?

Choose based on your research need. The native interface is great, but these interfaces have bonus features that help researchers, such as covering broader contents, and enhanced search engine features that can allow for more complex searches. See descriptions below to help you pick..

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