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Ebooks: Downloading Ebooks - Including Mobile

Using and finding ebooks at UC San Diego

Reading Ebooks and Downloading (Many) Ebooks

All of our ebooks can be read on a computer or mobile device through a web browser. 

If the ebooks chapters download as PDFs and the publisher does not use DRM (digital rights management) software, then you should be able to download them to your computer or mobile device as you would with any PDFs, to read, organize and annotate as you choose.

If the ebooks are DRM-enabled--which includes Ebook Central and EBSCO:

  • You can save a percentage of the book as a PDF and keep it for as long as you like. This is the easiest way to download content from these collections. It may be called "Chapter Download" or "Print to PDF."
  • Some of the books can be downloaded for offline reading, but you'll need additional software like Adobe Digital Editions (plus an Adobe ID and password) and possibly an ebook reader app. This will give you access for the book for 1-3 days.

Requirements for Downloading DRM'ed Ebooks

With our ebook collections that use Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, such as ProQuest Ebooks Central and EBSCO, you need to set up your computer or mobile device to download ebooks for offline reading.  

Here's what you'll need:

Reading App(s) BlueFire (iOS or Android) is usually the one recommended.
Adobe ID If you plan to read any downloaded ebooks on your device, you will also need to create an Adobe ID. At some point in the download process, you'll be prompted to authorize your device with that Adobe login and password.
Adobe Digital Editions You will need to install this on your computer if you plan to download any ebooks to your computer for offline reading, whether you plan to read them on your computer or transfer to another device. Your ebook reader must be compatible with Adobe Digital Editions.