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ECE: Summer Internship Programs: Find Journal Articles / Conference Papers / Patents

These are the best databases to search the primary literature in ECE: journal articles and conference papers. Some also index patents and other sources like books or dissertations. These databases also vary in terms of subject coverage, and even how they index the same journals and conferences. It's advisable to use multiple databases for a more comprehensive search.

Some of the databases have the full-text articles, so you can download them within the database. If the article isn't there, click the  to get a link to the article if we have it, or a link to request the article if we don't have it. 

Get it at UC does not work as well with locating conference papers as it does for journal articles. If you get "This item may not be available online," try the following:

  • Search for the paper (not the name of the conference) in Google. It may be online but hasn't yet been cataloged. 
  • Search the library catalog for the name of the conference (not the paper). 
  • Request the paper via Interlibrary Loan web form. You can also use the Request option within UC Library Search (must login to your personal account).