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CHEM 6C: General Chemistry III (Brydges, Spring 2017): Find Books (including Ebooks)

Resources for Chem 6C (Brydges) - Spring 2017

UC San Diego Library Catalog

Search for books held by the UCSD Library (including e-books). You also search by title, author or subject, or use the full library catalog for more options.

Search hints:
  • Keyword searches will bring back more results than title searches.
  • From Roger, you can limit your searches to electronic materials, including ebooks.
  • To truncate a word, use an * (spectr*)
  • biomass biofuels is the same as biomass AND biofuels. If you want biomass OR biofuels, include the 'or.'
  • Search results are displayed by relevance first, then by date. You can change this to sort by date.
  • If you find a book you like, note the subject headings. Click the links to find more titles.
  • Note the book's location and availability.
    • If it's checked out, use Request to have the book recalled, or search Circuit to see if there's an available copy at another San Diego library to request.
  • If you see >> Go to electronic version in the record, most of these are links to get to an e-book.
  • Don't use Roger to search for journal articles. However, you can search for journals by title.

Key E-Book Collections for Chemistry