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CHEM 6C: General Chemistry III (Brydges, Spring 2022): Government Sources for Science

Resources for Chem 6C (Brydges) - Spring 2022

Science.Gov searches authoritative science content from U.S. goverment databases and websites from 14 federal agencies.

  • Browse by subject to identify possible agencies and departments, or
  • Search across multiple sites and databases. Use the Advanced Search to narrow your search to certain categories like Energy or Environment, and exclude areas that won't be as useful (like Federal Regulations).

Government Agencies & Offices

Here are a few (by no means all) U.S government sites for science information related to some of your topics:

Tip: To search across multiple government websites in Google, include in the search, like this. It will limit the search results to US federal, state, and local government websites. 


State agencies include the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), and the California Energy Commission.