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CHEM 6C: General Chemistry III (Brydges, Spring 2022): FIND ARTICLES

Resources for Chem 6C (Brydges) - Spring 2022

These databases index thousands of journals in all disciplines, but there are some key differences. If the article is not full text in the database you're searching, use  to get the article.  More information about scholarly sources vs. popular sources, and research vs. review articles.

Multidisciplinary Databases - Cover All Subjects

Web of Science

  • Covers scholarly/peer-reviewed journals in all subjects, heavy in science and engineering.
  • No full text articles within the database, but easy to link out to the articles.
  • Can easily limit to review articles by using the Document Type filter and selecting Reviews
  • Easy to see what articles were cited in your article, and which articles cited your article.
  • Also indexes books and conference proceedings.

Academic Search Complete

  • Covers scholarly/peer-reviewed journals AND popular sources like magazines and newspapers. Can limit results to one or the other.
  • Many article are full text within the database. Use Get It at UC to find the articles elsewhere.
  • Cannot limit to review articles unless you add "review" to the search. This should give you some review articles, but also research articles that just happen to use the word.

UC Library Search

will update shortly

Google Scholar

  • Full text searching of scholarly sources, primarily journal articles. 
  • May retrieve articles not found in other databases due to full-text searching.
  • Often brings retrieves thousands of articles, along with related and/or citing articles.
  • Filtering and sorting options limited, but the Advanced Search can help to improve results (and/or, exclude words, limit to searching article titles, etc).

Subject-Specific Databases