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Roger is the library's catalog.  Below link has been scoped to film & video collection.


Author (Director) - Enter last name first ( Hitchcock, Alfred). You may find two listings for a director one with name and one with name and dates. Try both listings.

Title - Omit initial articles (Mariachi, Crying Game) .

 Keyword - natural language searches for words and names and  phrases in title, subject and content notes. 
 Hint: If you are successful in finding a title with keyword, look at the item's subject heading, which can focus your search to like items.

Want all movies? search - Feature Films.
Want all the Latin American or African feature films? 
search - Feature Films--Latin America or Feature Films--Africa.
Want to know what films from a particular country are in the collection? 
search - Feature Films--France or Poland or United States . . . .etc.
Want a Western or a Zombie movie?
search - Western Films or Zombie Films.

Call number prefixs (FVLDV = dvd, FVLV = vhs)

Movie Day is the best day!


Viewing at the Library's Media Desk

The Library has 26 individual stations for public viewing and listening of film and audio materials from our collections (including materials on reserve).  These formats include DVD, BluRay, VHS, and audio CD. Screening of 16mm film or use of LPs and audiotapes can be arranged in advance by contacting the Media Desk staff at (858) 534-8074.

Streaming (UCSD only)

See below for a list of the Library's major film subscription streaming resources).  Additional resources are listed under the Open Access Resources tab at the top of the page.

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