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South Asian Studies: Statistics/Data Sets

An introductory guide to doing research in South Asian Studies at UCSD Library

Data Sets/Public Opinion Polls

Business Monitor Online
  • Licensed by UCSD
Business Monitor International (BMI) is a leading, independent provider of proprietary data, analysis, ratings, rankings, and forecasts covering 175 countries and 22 industry sectors. Includes lengthy country and industry reports, financial markets and commodities coverage, plus newsletters and daily alerts.
Cross National Time-Series (CNTS)
  • Licensed by UCSD
The Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive was launched by Arthur S. Banks in the fall of 1968 at the State University of New York at Binghamton. The archive was, in part, the outcome of an effort initiated some years earlier to assemble, in machine readable, longitudinal format, certain of the aggregate data resources of The Statesman's Yearbook, published since 1864. The archive has almost 200 variables and contains data for over 200 country units, with provision for entries from 1815 (excluding the two modern wartime periods, 1914-1918 and 1940-1945)
Data Citation Index
  • Licensed by UCSD
Indexes research data, including data studies and data sets, and links them to the scientific literature to track data citation. Part of Web of Science.
IPUMS International Integrated Public Use Microdata Samples

Statistical Resources

Print Sets of Statistical Abstracts for South Asia