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FMPH 193/194: Public Health Capstone Research Guide

Tip #4: Think and Plan

Think like an author 

Use this as a brainstorming exercise -- Question:  If an article had the perfect title for your project, what would it be?

  • What terms are so important that the author would have put them in the title?
    • Now you have some very relevant keywords to use when searching.
  • If you are still "browsing" tell the database one of the words or a phrase should be in the title.


Do this in PubMed:  Do a title field search by adding [title] after your keyword or phrase.


Plan which database will be the best one to use


The databases you might use include:

  • PubMed:  it covers menicine, health care, public health, nursing
  • CINAHL:  it covers nursing and allied health (PT, OT, nutrition, etc.)
  • PsycINFO: it covers psychiatry, psychology, and the psychological aspects of health and medicine
  • Web of Science:  it covers social sciences, physical sciences, and medical sciences
  • Google Scholar:  it covers multiple disciplines (but has very limited filters to help narrow results)