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Ebooks: Visual & Performing Arts

Using and finding ebooks at UC San Diego

Which e-book collection do I choose?

What if I want to search everything?
Most of our e-book titles are listed in the Library's online catalog. If you search a topic there, you will uncover items in our e-book collections, along with all other materials (print books, journal titles, government reports, etc).

What if I only want to search among all our e-books?
If you'd like only to see and search among all the e-books in our collections, then use the Advanced Search form in Roger and specifically limit the format (Advanced Search - set the Scope=Electronic Materials, and Material Type=Books). In this way, you may search a topic across all of the packages listed here to the right, but in one place.

So why choose from among the collections here?
Picking a specific e-book package lets you search fulltext of the entire book, across all the books in the package. Depending on your topic, this fulltext search can be an advantage.

Tip: When you search in the Library's catalog, you are only searching the books' titles, subject headings, notes/tables of contents, and publisher details. It is not a search of the entire contents of each e-book.

Frequently, someone will start in the catalog, and get an idea of which e-book collection holds the most content for their topic, then localize into that ebook package for more in-depth searching.

The way you can tell which collection an e-book is from is to look at its catalog record and typically the name of the collection is immediately under the red 'Go to Electronic Version' link.

If you have any questions about your topic or searching for items, please contact us for more help specific to your unique research topic.

Visual & Performing Arts Ebook Collections

The resources listed here include e-books on topics like architecture, acting, art in various media, design, film, movies, music, photography and theater.