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CHEM 105: Physical Chemistry Laboratory: Quenching of [Ru(bpy)3]2+ by Fe3+ (Google Scholar)

Resources to help you find articles and data for your physical chemistry lab experiments. Shortcut:

Quenching of [Ru(bpy)3]2+ by Fe3+

Here's an example of searching Google Scholar for articles on the quenching of Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II), or Ru(bpy)32+, by Iron(III), or Fe3+. Google Scholar searches scholarly journals down to the article text, which may retrieve articles based full text beyond the abstract, but you may also retrieve significantly larger sets of results to navigate.

To improve your access to the full text articles:

  1. Use VPN if you're off campus
  2. Go to the icon in the upper left, go to Settings >> Library Links and add UC San Diego to enable .

Enter the keywords you want to search, in this case the molecular formulas. The 3 bars in the upper left open up some advanced searching options.

In the results, you can see not only your search terms highlighted in the article titles and text, but also some related terms, like quencher for quenching, Ru for ruthenium, and bipyridine for byp. From here you can access the articles. If it's an older article PDF, and you cannot tell from the URL what the article's DOI is, you can check the other versions or Google the article title to find the article's HTML landing page ( vs