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CHEM 105: Physical Chemistry Laboratory: Kinetics of Bromination of Acetone (Web of Science)

Resources to help you find articles and data for your physical chemistry lab experiments. Shortcut:

Kinetics of Bromination of Acetone

Here's an example of using Web of Science to find articles about the kinetics of bromination of acetone. Web of Science covers ~18,000 journals, including all of the key chemistry journals.

You may want to expand your search by looking for related words or concepts. Some databases will add these terms automatically, but Web of Science does not. In this search, we're looking for articles about kinetics and acetone, and either bromination or halogenation.

Articles about bromination and/or halogenation come up in the results. 

Again, you can start with one article and look for related articles based on these authors cited and who cited the article. (Abstracts aren't always included with older articles in Web of Science)

In this case, looking through the 13 articles that cited this article, we see a few others that may be worth pursuing.