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CHEM 6C: General Chemistry III (Brydges, Spring 2019): Find Books (including Ebooks)

Resources for Chem 6C (Brydges) - Spring 2019

UC San Diego Library Catalog

Search for books held by the UCSD Library (including e-books). You also search by title, author or subject, or use the full library catalog for more options.

Search hints:
  • Keyword searches will bring back more results than title searches.
  • From Roger, you can limit your searches to electronic materials, including ebooks.
  • To truncate a word, use an * (spectr*)
  • biomass biofuels is the same as biomass AND biofuels. If you want biomass OR biofuels, include the 'or.'
  • Search results are displayed by relevance first, then by date. You can change this to sort by date.
  • If you find a book you like, note the subject headings. Click the links to find more titles.
  • Note the book's location and availability.
    • If it's checked out, use Request to have the book recalled, or search Circuit to see if there's an available copy at another San Diego library to request.
  • If you see >> Go to electronic version in the record, most of these are links to get to an e-book.
  • Don't use Roger to search for journal articles. However, you can search for journals by title.

Key E-Book Collections for Chemistry

Some ebook collections that might be particularly helpful. But when searching the publisher websites, consider making your search more narrow, rather than broadly like the library catalog. Since you're searching the full text of their books and articles, general searches will give you too many results. We also may not have every book listed on their website. Check Roger for a print copy, or consider requesting via interlibrary loan.